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race to escape Escape Room


Holiday Tower 2435 US Highway 
19 N Suite 101 
Holiday, Florida 34691

PHONE NUMBER727-940-6128


HOURS: Wed/Th/Fr starting at 6:00 pm – Saturday 1pm-9pm – Sunday 1pm-7pm

We are always open for large events and parties with reservation

BOOKING INFORMATION: Please use the Bookeo system below to secure your placement to play in any one of our six escape rooms today! For further questions please reach out to our main office! 

WEBSITE: You’re already here. You found it.

corporate & Special events


We can provide an amazing party for ages 8-80 ranging from 2 people to 50. Whether it is a birthday party, team building, youth group, or a fortune 500 outing, our party packages can be for business, pleasure, or both.

Race to Escape also offers a unique, exciting, and fun team building experience for any corporate retreat. During corporate events, teams will be formed and challenged to solve a series of puzzles by using critical thinking skills and teamwork. Before the experience begins, each person will take a personality test to find each individuals weaknesses and strengths. After completing the selected escape scenario, teams will sit down and be analyzed on points during the experience they were strong on working together, and other points during the experience where they missed opportunities and how they could perform at these points more efficiently. Race to Escape is able to work with any size group and can accommodate corporate retreats that are a few hours or a few days. Race to Escape strives to cater each corporate event especially to each individual company. 

All sessions to be facilitated by a credentialed trainer with over 10 years of experience in team building 

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2435 US-19 #101, Holiday, FL 34691

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